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This is an excellent way to manage Java for very specific needs, without going all out and disabling it completely in OS X. Many users require Java for accessing banking websites and intranets, thus you can now effectively whitelist those websites for Java access, while easily blocking the rest from using the plugin.

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I have one website particually that i trust and need it to run. I can do this in Firefos, Chrome, and opera browsers easily. Rather creepy seeing that a website can peer into my MacBook. Properly screwed, I had to resort to an old G5 running I need to pay bills, not play Windows PC! Tried to install 5.

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When I peeked inside the. Sorry, my goof. In the updates, Apple hides all system updates in one note.

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I do not want iTunes 11 so I normally ignore this note. Safari 6. Is this a late April Fools joke? The programming language has been duly updated to make sure your Mac computer is safe from all the possible vulnerabilities. Installing Java on the device is carried out across the system, for all users. This means administrator privileges are needed. The app is fairly easy to install.

You just have to download it, close the browser, and run the DMG file. If Oracle Java is installed on your Mac, the programming language would be enabled as standard. Therefore, disable the older version manually and keep the newer version enabled. By the way, the previous Java version would not disable itself on its own. Java is notorious for bundling adware into operating systems, such as Windows.

Java for OS X

So that could be a problem with Macs as well. If you want to keep your Apple computer adware-free, forgo installing Java. Unfortunately, for those who have downloaded Fiji for the first time, the problem prevents successfully launching the application in order to update it. I am working on improving the Fiji bundle generation script now. The reason that ImageJ-macosx does not suffer from this problem is that it uses a hack workaround for Apple craziness: load libjni before loading libjvm.

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Java 1.4.1 Update 1 for Mac OS X

See here for technical details. Download a new Fiji and give it a try!

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I did a clean install with the new installer it is good to do that once in a while… and it worked as expected. Thanks for your long-term effort in developing Fiji. Java 6 is unavailable for Mac so the Mac release is almost unusable Salim. Wayne February 19, , pm 3. So I think the default launcher has a problem and somewhere is still calling for Java 6 Best regards, Salim. Dear Curtis, Thanks for these explanations.

How to Enable Java in Chrome and Other Browsers

Hohlbein March 6, , am 8. Resonanz March 8, , am Hohlbein April 22, , pm Hi, I stumbled about the same problem. Looking into Info. This might be a workaround for Mojave… Cheers Stefan.