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The Surface Pro and the The Surface Laptop and the Surface Book have nearly the same vertical space as a I would conclude that the larger the screen, more it would benefit from being wider. Does this make any sense? Sep 24, 5, 6, North Country way upstate NY.

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My Chromebook Pixel is and If you start to go bigger I like until about 20" then Reactions: raqball. Apr 9, 8, 8, Prescott Valley, AZ. I think the choice of screen ratios for Apple were driven by their design goal to not disrupt the keyboard layout.

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Wider aspect ratios allow for a full-size keyboard. I think the choice of the screen ratio for the MacBook Pro was made in the past, when Apple decided to keep instead of moving to like nearly all Windows laptops. The format is a screen ratio only recently adopted by just a few models, such as the Chromebook Pixel and the Surface family.

Apple's decision of keeping was already made at that point and if Apple decided to move to , it could be accused of copying Google or Microsoft which is something Apple never admits doing. So, while I think is a good screen ratio, I do not think the decision to adopt it was based on any study or on the best interests of the users. I am using a cheap laptop that has a 14" screen and I agree that it felt a bit cramped. When surfing, it never seemed to show enough of the sites and I was constantly scrolling up and down.

I finally broke down and replaced the x resolution screen with a x and it was a huge improvement.

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The bottom line is, I feel resolution is as important as aspect ratio. Having higher resolution can help overcome that "cramped" feeling with wide aspect ratio screens. Of course, there are limits to how high a resolution you can use until things become too small I contemplated installing a x panel but decided to go with x due to the PPI.

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So far, I've been very happy with x In my opinion, it's the best choice for 14". Do you use it at native resolution or are you scaling? You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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The overall build quality of the MateBook X Pro is impressive. The MateBook X Pro keyboard feels more substantial to type on, with more key travel. Each LED is situated in a way so as to not have the backlight bleed through underneath each key. Apple is just really good at making trackpads — after all, this is the same company that makes a huge wireless standalone solid state trackpad with Force Touch.

The fingerprint sensor is fast and responsive, unlocking the Windows lock screen in less than a second. The base model inch MacBook Pro lacks a fingerprint sensor, which is unfortunate given how useful it is. To get a fingerprint sensor in a MacBook Pro, you have to step up to more expensive Touch Bar-enabled models.

The fact that you have to look down in order to use it kills the idea for me. The MateBook X Pro ships with a quad speaker setup featuring two top-firing tweeters and two bottom-firing woofers.

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The speakers sound decent, but I feel like the MacBook Pro offers cleaner, crisper sound on the high-end. Obviously in such a diminutive laptop form factor, low-end frequency is basically non-existent. Huawei offers different configurations for the MateBook X Pro. Both machines sport a 15W TDP, which means more aggressive throttling, but the MateBook X Pro is definitely the more agile machine of the two, and base models also come equipped with quad-core i5 processors. The MacBook Pro performed just the same whether connected to power or while running on battery.

I fired up Rocket League on the MateBook X Pro with default settings, and was able to enjoy gameplay at a silky smooth 60 fps. Trying to do the same thing on the MacBook Pro yielded frame rates closer to 30 fps, and even that was erratic and choppy. No surprises here, but Windows has much better graphics performance in games and synthetic benchmarks when compared to macOS. Sadly, the MateBook X Pro lacks a SD Card reader, which would have definitely earned it some extra points in my eyes, but it does come with a 3.

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The inclusion of VGA, useful for projector presentations, shows that Huawei thinks that a lot of business users will be snatching these machines up. Huawei advertises up to 12 hours of battery life with certain testing restrictions, but I established my own tests to compare these two machines as fairly as I could given the limited time available. The first test was an offline video playback test. I used the same 4K video on both machines, and looped it continuously until each machine died.

As you can see, both machines performed well, with each registering over 10 hours of offline video playback. The MacBook Pro barely came out on top. Both machines died before making it to the end of the playlist, but the results were still pretty good.