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I want to set things up so that the document prints as a booklet When printed, I can simply fold down the middle, staple in the fold, and go, will all pages in order and all printing upright. However, following your directions, the pages are not in order and half of them are upside down. After several cartridges and many wasted pages, I am left with the same dilemma. Only 24 out of my 40 page booklet print. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you. I've been using ClickBook for many years. It does a superior job in printing booklets of any size in that it keeps your text as on full pages, but sizes it to fit the new booklet page.

Word's booklet feature, by contrast, may take a 4-page document and turn it into a 6-page booklet. You never know. We have not the Windows Page Set-up function, or so complete. The only solution I found alone and read it after on miscelaneous forums is to convert to the Pdf format for printing my work like a booklet.

Isn't there any other and more direct solution without the PDF issue on a Mac? Congratulations for the quality of your informations, that's great and very useful. With you I discovered that I didn't know a lot about Word All the best for to your team. I should appreciate a return on my email : sc. I have been using Word to print books and booklets for years.

Solved: Right options for booklet printing on Mac? - Customer Support Forum

There seems to be a bug in the newer versions of Word beyond If you ever incude images in your booklet, they print out on the wrong page, or the words print on top of another page. A very simple fix is to save your document to an older version of Word before printing, and then everything prints correctly. I have never had success in getting Word to print my booklets… they always come out screwed up. I do this for each half page of the booklet. Afterwards, I rearrange the text boxes into the order needed for the correct printout into book form.

The advantage to this system is that I can adjust, move around, rearrange, and change anything I want to without it affecting anything else in the document. I can even leave blank pages wherever I need, and I can have a completely custom cover to the booklet. And as a plus, I can print any range of pages that I want there is a bug in Word to that does not allow this in their Booklet layout. If you have any questions, leave a comment. My document is set up in booklet format, and I print in booklet format, but the two pages facing each other are both printed on the left hand side, one printed on top of the other ie.

I can only solve it by PDF-ing the document, but then it prints smaller than A4. I am trying to print a 5. The pages are half-sized and print in portrait rather than landscape They are just wrong - Please help. Here's what I did: 1. In my original document, I set the margins to.

How-To Create Booklets Using Microsoft Word 2010

Since my first page is actually a cover, I left page 2 blank. Saved the document as a PDF 4. Printed the PDF using the booklet option. It is easy, fast, and correct.

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I have Office on a PC. I have a 4 page booklet; however, when I export to create a PDF document, the resulting document has 4 pages at 5. Is this a known bug in Office or do I need to change a setting? Paul Sampson thank you. I have spent no end of hours trying to print my booklet. I just googled to see what I was doing wrong personally I don't think I'm doing anything wrong and saw your note about printing to PDF.

Ta da!! First time printed perfectly. Agree with Paul about pdf - it's far easier to print as a pdf, where you seem to get exactly what you asked for, and then print from Acrobat. Word has become so sophisticated that it can do anything, and sometimes it thinks it knows better than you how to interpret your wishes, and then only an expert can figure out how to get what you really wanted.

Although this may work out for you eventually, you may waste much paper and ink.

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It is far quicker to save the document as a PDF and just print a booklet from Acrobat. The only thing you have to bother about is if your printer can print one sided or two. It just works. I have spent hours and hours, paper, and ink. Everytime I try to print in booklet form, I get pages printed on the top half of an 8. What am I missing? Thank you, j.

I am trying to print a booklet where I made columns on the pages Names and addresses to the left and photos on the right. It looks great in my word document, but when I print it, 3 of the 8 pages have the print over printed with what needs to be on a different page, which is showing no text, just photos. Can you help me?????? It all works fine except it leaves a white space gap at the right hand side of the page.

I'm trying to print out a booklet in Word and the pages come out in the wrong order, making it impossible to put the booklet together.

BookBaby Book Printing: How To Format Your Book in Microsoft Word on a Mac

What am I doing wrong?????? I am trying to print a cookbook. I tried the book fold option but then it doesn't let me pick the pages I want to print. It wants to print the whole Word document. We have cover pages in the book which is from another program so those pages are numbered in between the Word pages. For instance I just want pages but I can't put only the pages I want. No way to publish a booklet on word for mac for mac??? What kind of crap is that. Then I called sales and was transferred to 5 yes, 5 different people I couldn't understand and then was cut off with a recording from Word for Mac "specialists" telling me to call back tomorrow!!

The could have told me they were closed when I spoke to the first representative. What BS!! I wrote before that this tip did not work for me, but what I should have added is that it used to work and I used it many times. At one point it stopped working and I haven't been able to figure out why. After going through various Word settings, it now works. Nice to meet you. I would like to know make to booklet, so you can say me, please. Thank you very much. This tip does not work for me and I have tried it with at least a dozen documents.

For example, with an 8 page document, instead of printing 8 5. The pages are half-sized and print in portrait rather than landscape. Why do the menus in Word for Mac not include this capability? Why does ClickBook not work on Mac? Please mention these dysfunctions in this tip. I use this feature a lot.

How to create a booklet using Word Mac 2011

It is working ok. The only problem I have is the following: I am not able to print part of the book. I have windows XP and Microsoft Word Got a version of Word that uses the ribbon interface Word or later? This site is for you! If you use an earlier version of Word, visit our WordTips site focusing on the menu interface. View the most recent newsletter.

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