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The fact that it is 2 discs shows the amount of music Mac Dre put out during his short life. Though he never hit the mainstream quite as large as some other West Coast artists, his songs have influenced many other Bay Area artists and have inspired cultural phenomenons such as the "Hyphy Movement" and "Thizz Dance".

His music always kept true to himself and rightfully earned him as one of the Godfathers of Bay Area Hip Hop. This is a list of all airline codes. Historical assignments are also included for completeness. Earl Stevens Jr. He is the son of the Bay Area rapper E His first record appearance came at age 5 when he was featured in "Questions" on E's Federal album. Mistah F.

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Klyde, Mistah F. Track listing. Cal Bear Mac Dre. He released his first single, "Audi ", on 12" vinyl and cassettes in In he released his second studio album, Oh Boy. Although the album featured several tracks with Frost and Don Cisco, it wasn't until their release, Velvet City, that both rappers were featured on the cover of a Latino Velvet album wi.

Thizz Iz Allndadoe is a solo album released by rapper, Keak da Sneak. It was his first for Thizz Entertainment, one of the largest Hyphy labels in California. Although this album was released under the name N2Deep it is actually a Jay Tee solo album as TL does not participate on this project. The rappers are listed by the first letter in their name not including the words "a", "an", or "the".

This list only includes artists that have a Wikipedia page. The list refers to rappers of a specific subgenre, not all hip hop artists. Professional ratings Review scores Source Rating Allmusic [1] The Appearances of Keak da Sneak is a compilation album released by rapper, Keak da Sneak featuring songs from various previously released albums in which he had a guest appearance.

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It sold 5, copies in its first week on shelves. The song, "Mamacita", was originally heard in the film Next Friday and was also released on the film's soundtrack. Balancing a smooth flow with charismatic lyrics, the Latin rapper moves through a stunning number of tracks without exhausting thematic material SMC primarily signs and distributes established hip hop artists. SMC grew out of a vision that Saroj Thapa had in to launch a new kind of record label, one based in his hometown, that would be about hip hop music.

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An ambitious Bay Area-bred music fan and aficionado, Bronson was covering East Texas's colorful hip hop scene for a fledgling urban music magazine called Showcase at the time. The recruitment of Tashjian's fellow industry icon George Nauful to steer the company'. Keak da Sneak is also featured on the track.

It was produced by Lil Jon, and one of the first singles to kick off the hyphy movement on a national level and popularized the phrase "ghost ride the whip". The song is featured in the Xbox video game Def Jam: Icon.

E is a playable character in the video game and provides his own voice and likeness. Music video The black and white music video, produced through production company Immigrant Films, was directed and edited by Bernard Gourley and lensed by cinematographer David Claessen. Danyel Robinson born September 14, , better known by his stage name Dru Down is an American rapper and actor from Oakland, California.

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He began developing an interest in rap music in the late s, and eventually began recording his own songs, releasing his debut album Fools from the Streets in to moderate success in the Bay Area. His unique style of delivery has earned both local[1] and national[2] acclaim. The rapper returned to Vallejo in the Bay Area in to pursue his career under cousin E He has been a part of the city's scene since the early s as the lead member of N2Deep and Latino Velvet along with Baby Beesh.

Although the album featured several tracks with Frost and Don Cisco, it was not until that they were featured on the cover with equal billing to Jay Tee and Baby Beesh. Jay Tee is the founder and owner of 40 Ounce Records. Discography Solo albums So Cold High. This is the discography of American rapper E Diggs, Mistah F.

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