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Coding the example programs with Python 2. Thank you for the great question! The other statements and almost all turtle examples should work the same from Python 3 back to Python 2, but the input and print statements changed between versions.

PyGame Tutorial – Game Development Using PyGame In Python

Enjoy either version of Python, and let me know if I can be of help anytime! Worked really smoothly. All I need to do now is figure out how to reduce the number of python installations I have down from four! However, there was one unusual issue. However, that turns out not to matter, since my old Python 3. Perhaps your instructions should be updated to mention that possibility….. Sincerely, Bryson. I had the same issue in I also had this issue so just using my old version in the launchpad.

Introduction to PyGame

The rest worked a treat! Thank you so much! Was about to give up on pygame entirely! The echo export… command kept corrupting my. I was using Command-C and Command -V to copy the commands to the terminal command line to avoid typos. The quotation marks in the ruby… command line caused me an issue. I deleted those and replaced them with the quotation marks and it worked fine.

Bryson: Thank you very very much! Your instructions saved me many more hours of googling.

MacCompile - pygame wiki

Really appreciate it! Do you think it will be possible for you to program an installer using your skills in code because this would be a great help for future users. Click here to cancel reply.

Name required. Mail will not be published required. Mac users have essentially the following three options if they want to use Pygame: You can install an older version of Python, like Python 2. If you have access to a Windows PC, you may find it easier to install the Windows version of Python and Pygame… Or, you can follow the steps listed below to install Pygame for Python 3.

Search for Xcode and click Get to install the Xcode developer tools. Open your Downloads folder, double-click on the XQuartz Your command-line Terminal window will open.

Installing Pygame

All the following commands must be typed exactly as they appear in the Terminal window, one line at a time. Homebrew is a free program that helps you install Python, Pygame, and other programs on a Mac. Prepare Homebrew for use: At the Terminal prompt, type each of the following three commands exactly as shown — the second two may take a few moments to run and will show several screens of information, but keep following the steps one line at a time. Install Mercurial: Still at the Terminal prompt, type: brew install mercurial Mercurial is a free source control management system that this installation of Pygame requires on a Mac.

Install Pygame dependencies: Pygame requires several other helper programs, called dependencies, so that it can show animations, play sounds, and create game graphics. Double-click to open the folder inside — it will be named with a version number 3. Inside this folder, you will find the IDLE 3 app. This book assumes you have the Windows operating system, but Pygame works the same for every operating system.

Pygame Basics - Lesson 1: Displaying an Image

You need to download the Pygame installer for your operating system and the version of Python you have installed. For Windows, download the pygame This is Pygame for Python 3. If you installed a different version of Python such as 2. The current version of Pygame at the time this book was written is 1.

If you see a newer version on the website, download and install the newer Pygame. For Mac OS X, download the. On Windows, double click on the downloaded file to install Pygame. To check that Pygame is install correctly, type the following into the interactive shell:.

Big Scary Warning

If nothing appears after you hit the Enter key, then you know Pygame has successfully been installed. If the error ImportError: No module named pygame appears, then try to install Pygame again and make sure you typed import pygame correctly. This chapter has five small programs that demonstrate how to use the different features that Pygame provides. In the last chapter, you will use these features for a complete game written in Python with Pygame.

Instead of teaching you programming concepts and leaving it up to you to figure out how to make programs with those concepts, this book shows you some programs and then explains how they are put together. In general, you should read these chapters in order. There are many concepts that are used over and over in these games, and they are only explained in detail in the first game they appear in.

But if there is a game you think is interesting, go ahead and jump to that chapter. You can always read the previous chapters later if you got ahead of yourself. Each chapter focuses on a single game program and explain how different parts of the code work. It is very helpful to copy these programs by typing in the code line by line from this book. However, you can also download the source code file from this book's website.

But typing in the code yourself really helps you learn the code better. Make sure that these image and sound files are located in the same folder as the. When entering the source code yourself, do not type the line numbers that appear at the beginning of each line. For example, if you see this in the book:.

Just type it like this:. Those numbers are only used so that this book can refer to specific lines in the code.

A little game made with Python and Pygame

They are not a part of the actual program. Aside from the line numbers, be sure to enter the code exactly as it appears. Be sure to put in the correct number of spaces at the start of each line.

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Since each character in IDLE is the same width, you can count the number of spaces by counting the number of characters above or below the line you're looking at. Some lines of code are too long to fit on one line on the pages in this book, and the text of the code will wrap around to the next line.

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  4. When you type these lines into the file editor, enter the code all on one line without pressing Enter. You can tell when a new line starts by looking at the line numbers on the left side of the code. For example, the code below has only two lines of code, even though the first line wraps around:.