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Are you looking for a specific contact, a book, your account details or a link stored in one of your databases? No problem, iDatabase will show you all the matches it finds. But with the groups function, everything becomes even easier: choose a group and iDatabase will show you the records that are part of it.

And if you need to automatically select records matching certain criteria, you can use the Smart Groups feature that live filter records based on their properties. Data loss is a thing of the past with iDatabase and its built-in backup function. You can store and retrieve all your important databases locally on your Mac or remotely in your Dropbox space — just a click. Have you ever dreamed of keeping the databases you have on your Mac synchronized with those you have on your iPhone or iPad?

Another great feature is the ability to share your work with friends and colleagues via email, in several formats. When you receive the file, you can import data immediately into the iDatabase for Mac, iPad or iPhone! Skip to content. Buy iDatabase. Ready to use Create collections and inventories with a click.

Create a database for anything Creating databases on your Mac has never been easier. A welcome side effect of this subscription scheme is that Panorama X has no serial numbers and requires no installer — you can simply drag the app into your Applications folder.

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I spent an unreasonable amount of time puzzling over the question of who needs a desktop database app in general these days, let alone Panorama X in particular. I know the sorts of data I need to keep track of myself, both personally and professionally, for which a database is the obvious solution, but my needs are idiosyncratic. Besides, there are great off-the-shelf apps for doing many of the things one might otherwise choose a database app for — tracking books, music, photos, and other media; managing contacts; storing miscellaneous files and snippets of text; and cataloguing collections such as your wine cellar or recipe archive.

So who needs an ultra-powerful, standalone database app? The trivial and tautological answer is: those who know, will know. If you like flexibility and saving money, the answer is probably yes.

DB Browser for SQLite

My first pass at a substantive answer is that if you currently track any information in a spreadsheet or a table in a word processor and you start bumping up against the limitations of that type of container, a database is the natural place to move. Like most database apps, Panorama X also lets you enter and view your data in ways other than its default, which is a familiar spreadsheet-like table. You can create forms for entering or displaying data with just the fields you want, arranged the way you like them, along with all the usual human interface niceties — and even a built-in Web viewer — to make data entry and retrieval simple and user-friendly.

Similarly, you can create reports and export them in various formats, such as PDF that summarize or expand on just the sorts of data you need, in almost any conceivable way. If your needs include support for networked Macs and iOS devices, Panorama has the potential to meet those requirements too, just not right away. Now this form of subscription pricing I can live with. Utility pricing This may sound trivial heck, it probably is trivial but there's a feature I use in Filemaker Pro all the time could probably get by without it but would never want to try. It's invoked by keyboard command cmmd-'.

Roughly speaking FPro "remembers" the last value typed in any field of a selected record. If you're at a new record and you want to enter some of the same values as from the previously selected record just put your cursor into the new empty field and type cmmd-'.

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  5. That may not sound like much but it's really quite the timesaver at least for the two databases I mostly use - a book and a comics database of my own design - "polished" over many years of use. Yes, you could do that with a procedure you would "code" yourself. For example, when you leave a record, you could copy its field's content. In the new record, you'd look at each keystroke and when your command combination appears, you'd see what field you are in and fill with the copied field from the previous record. So FM has that built in. In Panorama, YOU build it in - but you only have to do it once; then you have it.

    Panorama X allows you to specify a default value for each field when creating a new record.

    First base: House hunting

    If the default value is double quote " , that is treated as "ditto", and the field will automatically be filled with the same value it had in the previous record. If that value is not what you want, you can simply type over it. Another feature that could be useful in this situation is Clairvoyance, which is basically auto-complete. You just type in the first few characters, and as soon as you've typed enough to match a previous entry in the database Panorama will auto-complete the entry for you.

    If the previous entry is not what you want, just keep typing. I suspect those two features would work well for you.

    DB Browser for SQLite

    But it would be possible to create the exact feature you are asking for with Panorama's programming language. The program required is a bit too complicated for this TidBITS comment field, but if you post this question on the Panorama X support forum we'll can provide the solution. Share Facebook Twitter Reddit.

    Email Address. CJ Pitt. Gary Nunes. Does Panorama X have anything like this or can it be created by a user?

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