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USB Flash Drive / Memory card not detected on Mac USB port

Also known as jump drives and USB drives, flash drives provide removable data storage using flash memory. The drives are much smaller than the floppy disks that preceded them, while providing exponentially larger amounts of storage.

Mac OS X Tutorial: How to Check Space on USB Drives

Though most drives have a capacity value printed on their exterior, the only way to check the true size of the drive is by verifying the value from your computer. The process is quick on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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Right-click the icon representing the flash drive and select "Properties". You can also check the free space for any drive you have connected to your Mac from this window, be it a USB flash drive or external hard drive.

Disk Utility provides basic information about your hard drive and other disks. It also lets you repair or reformat your disks.

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Add accents, symbols and more with Alt codes for special characters Add accents, symbols and more with How to protect your Mac's most secret stuff How to protect your Mac's most Wondering if your Mac has enough storage space for that massive download? Wonder no more. Macpaw Options 1 and 2: From the Finder The Finder gives you a couple ways to see how much free disk space you have. IDG Want an always-visible overview of your disk usage? Open the Apple menu, then select About This Mac.

You also get a simplified overview of what sort of files are eating up your storage space. Is there a way to remove the duplicate song files from my flashdrive, in order to save space?

How to reclaim full capacity on flash memory card or USB flash drive

There is no need to have the same song file in my flashdrive 2 or 3 times. Posted on Apr 4, PM.

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Page content loaded. Select it's Desktop disk icon. The information is displayed in the upper panel. Or look for it under the iTiunes menu in iTunes Apr 4, PM. Just to add one thing to Kappy's 2, if you hold option while under the View menu itunes 11 , you'll see it also change to "show exact duplicate items". A dialogue box came up showing " I assume that is the space used up on my flashdrive, which is about half. Thanks for the info. When in View, I usually don't get a menu item that says show duplicates. Even if I click on the option button. I did get it but only once or twice.

It also listed "show specific duplicates", I clicked on it, and nothing happened.

Another question - if I click on the View button in ITunes and it shows me the duplicates, that is probably the duplicates in ITunes. But I am really only interested in the duplicates in my flashdrive. I want to get rid of the duplciates in the flashdrive because of its limited space. Please re-read. This was not my instruction.

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